Hey Pet Photographers...

Stop comparing and start creating!

Join us live in fun, FREE challenge May 5-7 and learn the secrets to developing your own pet photography vision so that you can confidently create your unique artistic expression!


Do you find yourself saying...

  • I'm just not that creative
  • All of the good ideas have been taken
  • I can't call myself an artist

Does the idea of developing your own signature pet photography style feel...confusing?  Out of reach?  Something that only the most creative photographers can accomplish?


Join us for just 15-minutes a day on May 5-7, and discover a systematic way to find inspiration and refine your vision.  A method that works whether you're left-brained or right-brained!

Cause here's the thing...creating true-to-you images (instead of just following the trends) is WAY more satisfying.  But not only that, it also helps you to stand apart in your market and to charge more money.  Because you'll no longer be a commodity - you'll be an ARTIST!

Hi there!  I'm Nicole Begley!

I'm the creator of Hair of the Dog, and a passionate teacher for thousands of pet photographers worldwide.  But believe it or not, I actually considered becoming a CPA instead.  That's how uncreative I felt! 

I used to tell myself all of the stories above: I'm too analytical.  I'm not creative.  All of the original ideas have been done.  I'll never be a true artist.

But guess what?  None of that is true, either for me OR for you!  The truth is that we all have creative genius inside of us.  And you were drawn to pet photography because you have an innate desire to create.

These are just some of the takeaways from our last challenge.

What will your breakthrough be?

Unleash Your Creative Genius

In this LIVE FREE 3-day challenge, you'll learn the critical components to discovering your unique style, so that your work can stand apart from the crowd.