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Fortify your photoshop toolbox:

Capture brilliant dog images, every time, guaranteed.

(without having to spend hours trawling YouTube videos)


Fortify your photoshop toolbox:

Capture brilliant dog images, every time, guaranteed.

(without having to spend hours trawling YouTube videos)


If you’re a pet photographer, then you likely already know you need to leverage the power of Photoshop.


And as soon as you open the program up, most photographers quickly realize that Photoshop is an absolute monster in terms of functionality, making it exceptionally overwhelming to learn.


But here’s something that you might not know:


Whether you’re a total newbie, you’ve dabbled a bit, or you feel like you’ve got it mostly dialed in, Post-Processing for Pet Photographers will give you the mastery you need over Photoshop to confidently and consistently create stunning images every time and take your workflow to stratospheric new levels – in less than 5 minutes a day.


  • Bringing out the best in an image in just a few clicks.
  • Learning how to manage color so that your subjects are their true color.
  • Adding sparkle to even the darkest and deepest set eyes.
  • Removing leashes like a pro - no matter what the background is.
  • Creating a workflow that allows you to edit quickly and efficiently.
  • Having digital trickery tools up your sleeve to produce images that sell EVERY SINGLE TIME.

In fact, I want you to imagine how much time you’re wasting right now by trying to teach yourself these programs with random YouTube videos or trainings that were created for wedding and portrait photographers.

And how much longer it will take you to develop mastery of the pet photography related editing techniques if you continue down this path?


Post-Processing for Pet Photographers

Photoshop Edition

The only Photoshop class created EXCLUSIVELY for pet photographers!

Join Post-Processing for

Pet Photographers today

and get...


Immediate access to 50+ bite-sized video lessons targeting EXACTLY what you need to know as a pet photographer - organized in a way so you can quickly queue up what you need.


(No filler, no fluff, just quick tips, tricks and killer techniques to allow you to create professional level dog photographs - every time.)


That means no more time wasted sifting through hours of tedious YouTube videos or combing through random blog posts that were created for portrait or wedding photographers.

Get ALL the info every pet photographer needs on tap, anytime.


Watch a sample lesson now.

Watch a simple leash removal with Heather.

"I was pretty well-versed in Photoshop and Lightroom before enrolling in the Post-Processing for Pet Photographers and I didn't really think I would learn much.

I was wrong - I learned a TON! In addition to picking up new tricks for tools that I 'thought' I already knew, I learned all of the things that I didn't even know I didn't know!

My workflow is so much faster and I'm better at recognizing things that I used to miss in my editing. My editing has improved tremendously thanks to this class - it is well worth the investment."

Betsy Peticolas

Fur Photo

"I'm beyond happy with Post Process for Pet Photographers! I'll be honest, I was on the fence about purchasing the class because I have a book and I've watched several tutorials on Youtube.

  I could have continued teaching myself bits and pieces from different resources, but that method can leave you bumping around in the dark, not really knowing what you're missing.

This class is laid out so well, and covers all the details in such an organized, easy-to-follow way. 

I especially love being able to rewatch videos and follow along in another window, that alone has helped me to put everything into action IMMEDIATELY! Thanks to Heather and Nicole, I'm really working smarter... not harder!"

Kathleen Bowden

Kathleen Bowden Photography

"I'm self-taught in Lightroom and Photoshop, and have been using the program for four years and two years respectively. I decided to jump into this course because it was so specific to pet photography - and it didn't hurt that it was taught by a fantastic dog photographer and another photographer that specializing in teaching photographers these critical skills.

It was worth every penny and every minute of my time! 

I've found lots of surprises along the way from things that I had no idea that I could do to things I knew how to do... but now, could do it better, or in a different way.

The videos are short which makes them easier to digest. The course takes you step by step, and each video builds upon the prior one. I can't recommend this course highly enough."

Liliya Brenner

Lily Raven Photography

What does the course include?


The sole focus of this course is to give you exactly what you need to create phenomenal pet images and an incredibly efficient workflow. No more, no less.


With over 50+ easy-to-follow video lessons, you’ll be on your way to skyrocketing your skills and boosting your business. Each video is only around 3-5 minutes in length, so in the time it takes to queue your latest Nextflix binge, you could add a new skill to your Photoshop toolbox.


You’ll learn all you need to know about Photoshop, and nothing you don’t!  Photoshop was created for a variety of digital artists. As pet photographers, we only ever need to use around 10% of its functionality. In this course we focus ONLY on what you need to know so you don’t waste any time, but instead, build your skills and get immediate results.


What's Inside the course?

Module 1 - Photoshop Essentials

Without a solid foundation of the tools covered in this section, trying to do anything pet photography-related in Photoshop will leave you frustrated. 

Inside this module, you’ll learn….

  • How to work with layers and layer masks
  • The details of dodging and burning
  • How to use the selection tools 
  • The difference between cloning and healing - and when to use each one!

Module 2 - Distraction Removals

This module starts to dive into the pet specific Photoshop tasks - such as leash and owner removals.

Inside this module, you’ll learn….

  • How to navigate basic and challenging leash removals.
  • Remove owners arms, legs, or full bodies from the image.
  • Managing clone tracks and artifacts left behind from the healing tools.
  • Using background source images to easily remove leashes and owners.
  • Managing the dreaded martingale collar editing.

Module 3 - Managing Group Shots

The group shot - the one image every owner wants and the one image that can be impossible without these strategies.

Inside this module, you’ll learn….

  • When you might want to merge two images.
  • How to make everyone look great with head or ear swapping.
  • What to do when your animal subjects aren’t cooperating, 
  • Such as creating a group shot from individual shots.

Module 4 - Enhancing Eyes

Eyes are the main connection point to your subject - let's make them shine!

Inside this module, you’ll learn….

  • Techniques for bringing out the sparkle in the eyes.
  • How to highlight or even fix catchlights.
  • Remove or tone down cataracts.

Module 3 - Color Management

Capturing and managing true color in your photographs is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your images.  

Inside this module, you’ll learn….

  • How to keep black dogs black, and not blue.
  • How to remove color casts caused by green grass.
  • Techniques to remove tear stains.

Module 6 - Managing Canvas Size

Now that we've captured the images - we also need to prepare them for print!

Inside this module, you’ll learn….

  • The many different uses of the crop tool.
  • How to extend the background of an image when you cut it a little too close.
  • Preparing your image for a canvas wrap when you need to extend the edge.
  • Creating custom triptychs.

Module 5 - Actions for Sanity

Actions are basically a series of commands that Photoshop will run automatically when you ask.  They save you some time, which can help you save your sanity.

Inside this module, you’ll learn….

  • How to create your own actions as well as utilize our actions.
  • Including, sharpening eyes, sharpening fur, and removing tear stains.

Module 8 - Creative Edits

This is the module that brings it all together.  The module showcases various Photoshop work from beginning to end.  

Inside this module, you’ll learn….

  • How Nicole uses the history brush to finish each image.
  • Techniques to create better compositions
  • Various techniques for merging images.
  • How to create group silhouettes from individual images.
  • Ways to clean up backgrounds.
  • Creative use of the color lookup tables.
  • Correcting perspective
  • Utilizing the gradient masks
  • And so much more...

Module 9 - Design in Photoshop

Inside this module, you’ll learn….

  • Techniques for extending backgrounds for printing on a canvas.
  • Photoshop vs. Canva
  • Designing marketing materials in Photoshop.
  • How to work with the text tools.
  • To create a watermark brush for easy watermarking.

What you'll get...

An Editing  Library

We’ve taken literally everything you need to know to master Photoshop as a pet photographer and broken it down into short, easy to follow video tutorials. All of the videos are housed in a private Member’s portal, accessible by a unique login you’ll receive when you sign up. Most of the lessons are only 3-5 minutes in length, allowing you to easily digest and implement your new-found skills right away - and you can favorite the lessons you want to revisit for easy reference!

Exercise Files

Downloadable exercise files are also included with the course, allowing you to work on the exact image used in each video and follow along as we share our favorite creative uses of Photoshop. This is a fantastic way to perfect the techniques first before applying them to your own images.

Actions + Presets

All the critical Photoshop actions are included inside this course. You’ll learn how to brighten and sharpen eyes, remove blue fur, tone down overly green foliage, and much, much more…

And your investment?



  • Pay Once - Keep Forever!

  • Lifetime access to the Photoshop Course

  • Exercise Files

  • Swipe Nicole’s Workflow

  • Wacom Tablet Training

  • No-Fail Backup Solution




Hair of the Dog Academy Access while an active paying member

Includes access to everything listed to the left plus:

  • The full Business of Pet Photography course
  • All the Behind the Lens series
  • Weekly Support Calls

…and so much more.


No rush.  It’s yours to keep forever and ever, and you'll also receive any future updates!

This course is for pet photographers who…

Want to save time editing...

Photoshop is supposed to make our lives as pet photographers easier - after this course you'll be able to work in Photoshop with ease and speed. 

Want to create a consistent look with their editing...

If you’ve been swooning over your fave pet photographer’s work and wondering how they can possibly create such consistently stunning shots every. single. time. then you’re about to find out.

We share the secrets of the professionals and show you everything you need to know to easily and quickly edit gorgeous images every time.

Are feeling overwhelmed by Photoshop...

Photoshop is an absolute monster of a program. In fact, it’s so big that we pet photographers will never need to use all of its functionality!

If you’re new to the program, you won’t automatically know which functions you need and which ones you don’t, and that makes it pretty hard to learn! In this course, we breakdown the basics of Photoshop and demonstrate all the tools you’ll need to tackle common pet editing challenges – and none of the ones you don’t.

Are looking for tips + tricks to improve their sessions...

As veteran pet photographers, we have a ton of tricks up our sleeves that help us consistently create engaging images and draw out the personalities of the pets we photograph.

In this course, we’ll show you how to photograph two dogs separately and then merge them into one image, how to use two images to keep both dogs tack sharp in a group photo, ways to fix martingale collars when they’re defying gravity, and many, many more tips, tricks and techniques.

Our personal “You’re going to love this” guarantee

We get it. Forking over cash for an online course is a big decision. Will it actually benefit me? Will it be information that I actually need? Is it taught in a way that’s easy to understand? Am I too advanced? Am I too new? All super valid concerns.

However, we are so confident that not only will this program dramatically improve the way you edit, organize, and enhance your pet photography, will blow your mind. If it doesn’t? We offer a 30-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

"I absolutely love Post Processing for Pet Photography. Being fairly new to Photoshop, I initially thought that it was a big investment for the course as a hobbyist, but as I look back it was well worth it!

Even though there are many editing tutorials on YouTube, I've never seen the attention to detail in those videos. It's also so helpful to have everything I need in ONE resource.

Nicole and Heather do an excellent job in balancing the course between learning the details of these programs and the specific nuances of pet photography.

In my humble opinion, Heather as a teacher is head and shoulders above any source I've seen on Youtube. I'm so excited to keep practicing my craft and being introduced to new challenges, so I'm thrilled to have lifetime access to this course. I recommend PP4PP without hesitation."

Shelley Sherbondy

SDS Photography

And because we love to overdeliver for you, we’ve included these three bonuses:


Swipe Nicole’s

Watch over the shoulder of a veteran pet photographer as she takes you through every step of her personal workflow from importing into Lightroom to final export for print or web. 

You can’t get information like this unless you pay to work one on one with a professional photography coach. This bonus alone is worth the price of the course!


Introduction to the
Wacom Tablet

When you sign up you’ll receive a special bonus video series that walks you through all the benefits of using a tablet. We’ll show you how to choose the right one for your needs and how to install, use and program custom functions.

So many photographers are guilty of leaving their tablet in the corner collecting dust, but little do they know that once they take the leap they won't be able to imagine ever being without their trusty tablet!


Creating a no-fail
backup strategy

Like death and taxes, drive failures are inevitable.  But that doesn't mean you need to deal with data loss!   

This special training will help you create a backup solution that works for you.  We’ll discuss how to make sure you’re covered and walk you through the details of each of our systems. The aim of this special bonus training is to make data loss a minor inconvenience, not a major catastrophe!

Meet the course creators

Hi, we are Nicole Begley and Heather Lahtinen, lovers of animals, experts in photography, and co-creators of Post-Processing for Pet Photographers. Read on for a bit more about us…


Founder of Hair of the Dog and Nicole Begley Photography


Nicole is an international award-winning Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, and Certified Professional Photographer. She’s also been a recipient of Photographer of the Year designation from Professional Photographers of America several years running.

Specializing in creating expressive images of pets and their people throughout Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, Nicole also teaches pet photographers across the globe how to build their skills and grow their businesses fast.

Prior to launching Nicole Begley Photography in 2010, Nicole spent 13 years as a zoological animal trainer working with everything from seals to aardvarks and every species in between.

Addicted to travel and chocolate martinis, she shares her home with her husband Brett, two small humans, and her coconut retriever rescue dog Cami. She is also chief of staff to Emma the cat.


Founder of Flourish Academy and Weddings by Heather


Heather is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, Profoto speaker, business coach, educator and trusted mentor in the industry. She is also the founder of Weddings by Heather and the Flourish Academy.

With over 15 years experience, Heather helps photographers refine their skills in Lightroom and Photoshop so they can build exceptional businesses. Driven by an overwhelming desire to see others in the industry succeed, her workshops instruct, illustrate and inspire.

When she’s not teaching or capturing stunning wedding photos, you’ll find Heather at her Western Pennsylvanian homestead enjoying time with her husband, two kids, three cats, one dog and flock of beloved chickens.

And just to recap...

Inside Post-Processing for Pet Photographers - Photoshop Edition...

You'll get:

50+ video lessons to help you build your confidence and improve your craft.

3 insanely valuable bonuses!

Exercise files so that you can follow along with the videos!

Lifetime access to the content and access to all future course updates.

Tips, tricks and killer techniques from two of the best in the biz, and in the comfort of your own home.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create a workflow that works for you and saves you time.
  • Finally, be able to bring out the best in your images EVERY time.
  • Remove leashes in a variety of situations and how to easily smooth the background when the patch tool goes awry.
  • Merge multiple images to fix complicated backgrounds.
  • Fix the dreaded martingale collars commonly worn by sighthounds.
  • Make eyes sparkle, fix catchlights and cataracts.
  • Create incredible group images EVERY time.
  • Manage your color in the dog’s fur.
  • Extend backdrops, prepare canvases and create triptychs.
  • Bring it all together by watching over our shoulders while we do full edits to challenging images.
  • And soooo much more!

So, my friend…it’s time to make a choice!

If you are ready to step into the power that comes with knowing how to use all of the tools in your post-processing toolbox, Post-Processing for Pet Photographers is waiting for you.


You have two options:

Option #1

You do nothing. You continue to spend hours on YouTube searching for pet photography editing, picking up tricks here and there, but in the end not even knowing what other tools you should be learning and searching for.

Option #2

Invest in Post-Processing for Pet Photographers and know that you now have a clear path to learning all of the ways in which Photoshop can assist you in enhancing your pet photography. Not only that, but you will also have a digital trickery toolbox at the ready for when you have animal models that were a bit more challenging than usual! You can be confident that you can deliver incredible images EVERY SINGLE TIME.

If you are ready to improve your pet photography editing...

This course is for you.  It will become your go-to resource for all things pet photography post-processing.


"I was skeptical about signing up for Post Processing for Pet Photographers because I had just completed a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with over 120 hours of Lightroom and Photoshop instruction! Wow, was I ever wrong!

I actually learned so much more from this course than ALL of those post-processing courses in my degree program!

This program is simply unparalleled... from the lifetime access to the material to Nicole and Heather's commitment. It is really the most amazing online learning program that you can ask for, and my continually improving skills and sales are proof of that."

Janet Deltuva

Ares Emzy Photography


Simply get in touch with us here and we will get back to you soon.   You can also email us directly at